A News Junkie No More

So I have tried. I really have. And I have improved but, I’m not altogether…how do you say it? Recovered? I do watch the news incessantly. I have cut it back to just the morning and evening show. (Gotta watch The Five while I cook.) However, those little habits creep back in and I have to catch myself. I started listening to music at home and it reminds me of all sorts of great times in my life. Music for me, is an inspiration and I was very lucky growing up. My oldest sister is eleven years my senior, my brother followed at nine years my senior, my other brother is seven, my other sister is five and one other brother is three….and then there is me. My musical influences run the from The Beatles to The Doors to ELP and The Who. It didn’t stop there. From ELO to Donna Summer and all the trendy music in between. My mother and grandmother enjoyed music as well. Old  italian music and Englebert Humperdinck could often be heard from my open windows on a hot summer day. And we, in Queens, played it as loud as it would go without getting a visit from our local precinct. The Doctor Demento show gave me a reason to stay up late on a School night. The laughter I shared with my sister listening to those songs is, like the commercial says, priceless. But, music was, is and always will be my savior. It picks me up or encourages me to cry. I like all types and find meaning in most everything. What is your ‘go to ‘ comfort, you know mine.  


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