Followed My Heart With Follow That Dress

January 21st is looming ever closer. It is the release date for Follow That Dress. This novella really touched my heart. Writing it gave me a certain satisfaction for all the young girls who ride the subway into Manhattan for a long day at work. I was one of them. I remember a time when I would rush into the subway car and hang on to the bar. My bags were on the floor held in place by my ankles and five-inch heeled shoes. I had one hand on the bar and one holding an open book. The car would jerk and sway and the lights would flicker but, I never peeled my eyes away from the pages. I envision this today, only the young girl is reading an electronic device and the book she’s reading is written by me, Cherrie Mack. She is laughing to herself and dreaming of finding the same love in the Big City as my character Crystal. This is a light-hearted, feel good, hot romance with the makings of a story you will remember long after closing the book. I do hope you read Follow That Dress and  love it as much as I do. Then follow my series, “Off The Rack” for another great love story.


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