And The Books Just Keep On Coming….

Sometimes I write a few hours a day. Sometimes I write at night. My preference is to write every moment of every day. Why? Because the stories come at me left and right and sometimes I can’t stop them. Now that I am a published author, it’s like I gave my brain the green light to inundate me with characters and stories. Some of those characters are louder than others, which is the case with Robert and Crystal from Follow That Dress. This novella did not take me long to write…at all. Crystal was very clear (get it?) when she told me her story and all I did was type it. Sounds strange? I agree but, if you ask other authors they will tell you I am not completely jacked up. It’s funny..I have one of those husband’s who will sometimes come home from a long day at work and say “What did you do today?” Sometimes, this means, “How was you’re day?” or sometimes it can mean, “what the f— did you do today because I worked my ass off.” There are some of you right now who are nodding your head in agreement. Now I can say, “I helped destroy an evil warlock or I solved a big murder or I planned a wedding and we were guests.” On top of which, I cooked, cleaned, packed lunches, laundered the clothes, acted as a taxi, shopped, folded clothes, made beds, washed dishes, and so on and so on….I’m exhausted! And how was your day?


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