And So The Work Begins…

It’s back to school after a nice long break. Although I will miss my kids, the school day will afford me precious writing time. (My website now has a WIP page and you can view every story I am currently working on. Feel free to ask questions too. I will respond.) I can write when they are running through the house at a maddening pace, singing karaoke, and rummaging through the pantry for snacks. But, when they are at school it’s easier. The amount of interruption is less and I can write for longer chunks of time. I predict, the problem will come today when I look at my Christmas tree. It is the only evidence left that Chanukkah and Christmas collided in my house and then–threw up. I will clear my mind, take a relaxing breath and smile wide and get ready to do something I really enjoy and BAM! I will see it in my peripheral vision and it will haunt me every second until my body pulls itself out of the chair to remove at least one ornament, but my mind will say, why stop there? Keep going for at least another ten minutes. Those ten minutes will turn into twenty until once again, my living room will be covered in Christmas. I will try to reel in my compulsion today and hope for success. Maybe I can stop before removing that first ornament but to me, the tree is like a bag of potato chips. You can’t stop at just one. Wish me luck.


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