Could She Be Me?

When I look at magazine covers and television specials that praise the most influential people of the year, it gives me a chance to reflect. I’m talking about a personal perspective on my own life. Who would be my most influential person of the year? Hmm. Now that is a hard question to answer and picking just one is near impossible. But, if I had to pick one person, who is not family, because my family are the ones that drive me forward and push me to be the best I can be. But the person who has touched me this year and served as a catalyst for a life changing event would be Cherrie Mack. That’s right, my alter ego. An obscure writer had the notion to become an author. Those of you reading my blog know….well…she did it! An author with two published works and many more to come! The dream that started when I was a little girl and laid dormant for almost twenty-five years, has come true. Why so long? I’ll never know. Maybe the timing was off, maybe I was so busy squelching what I thought to be just a pipe dream or maybe I needed a life experience to give me a unique perspective. Either way, Cherrie Mack is my most influential person of 2012. She is a perfectionist. She is a story-teller. She is a writer and I’m proud to say, she is me! Who is yours?


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