Goodbye 2012?…Oh My Blog!

It always amazes me when I become shocked that it’s the end of a new year. Why? Seasons come, seasons go….don’t they? What’s the big deal? I’ve never been a big New Years Eve party person. Quite frankly, I’ve found the whole ushering out the old and ringing in the new, a little depressing. I take the time to come down from the holiday high and that usually happens on New Years Eve. You’ll find my husband and I in front of the television. He is sleeping and I am holding my eyes open with toothpicks (yes, I practice chinese torture every year)  My little ones struggle just as hard, only to tucker out an hour before the big moment. (Thank goodness for the DVR) But, I believe in a few years when the tide turns yet again and the next stage of our lives set in, we’ll be out enjoying the party. For now we are content right where we are. How about you? Any New Year’s tradition you follow? Or are you in ‘a stage’ right now? Whatever it is you decide to do, be safe, be happy and have a very happy new year.


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