I Saw My Mother Today

As Christmas came and went, I battled a vicious cold. Misery was my only friend these least few days. I managed to have a lovely Christmas with my family and was surrounded by friends, who every year, welcome our family into their home for the holiday. I drove my new VW convertible Beetle bestowed upon me by my adoring husband to and fro. And although my cold worsened before it gave in to the meds I pumped into my body, all in all I had a great few days. But, during this time I saw my mother. Yes. That’s right. My mother who has been gone now for 13 years. Where did I see her?….The mirror. I looked at my reflection and there she was looking right back at me. I quickly looked at my hands and sure enough, there was a trace of the hands that belonged to her. As I age I find a lot of similarities between my mother and I. It gives me comfort and at times scares me. But, she is there underneath my skin and behind my eyes. The worn out look she often wore after the busiest time of the year is one I wear and often. But, today I will shake off my everyday chores and do something fun with my children.  Then the writing begins. How was your holiday? 🙂


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