The Ghost Of Christmas Past

With the holiday drawing ever closer, I sometimes close my eyes and dream of a time when the freshly fallen snow was heaven-sent as it left behind its winter carpet on a deserted street in Queens NY. When the bells of my church could be heard in the distance and the frigid wind carried the smells from neighborhood fireplaces through the air. Living in Florida, I’m about as far away from those days as you can get, but there is something about the cold weather that stokes visions of a childhood Christmas I still long for. With the compounding sadness of the news, I have been finding it harder to find my Christmas spirit. In the next few days, the weather will hit a low of forty degrees and in my town, that’s cold. It’s as if I need to be reminded of what I found so special about Christmas. For me, it’s the reminder that during this most precious time of year, no matter what you believe, take a moment to enjoy your family and count your blessings. So many are struggling to get past a day that should bring joy. So to all my friends who celebrate and to those who do not, take the time to appreciate what we have and not focus on what we don’t. I, for one, am thankful for my family and the life I have. But, I am also very thankful for memories of a childhood filled with Christmas joy and laughter. I enjoy a visit from my ghost of Christmas past. How about you?  


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