For Me? Friday 12/14…Time Stood Still

I stood frozen staring at the television screen. It was happening all over again. A senseless, cruel and violent act perpetrated against innocent people. I could not wrap my ahead around the utter shock of the killing of our most precious commodity, our very own children. I was thrust back to September 11th when, the only way to describe it is, the earth stopped turning. For hours, that I can only describe as being frozen in time, I was held prisoner by the television screen as I clutched my cell phone until my knuckles turned white. Newly married, my husband a first responder, the horror of those hours are burned into my memory only to resurface once again on Friday. The tragedy in Newtown is just as if a jet plane was flown through the hearts of this beautiful little town and left it in ruins. For me, hundreds of miles away, I feel the unmistakable pain and sorrow of this town and cannot comprehend the grief the families of the victims are feeling. Their pain is immense and for them, my heart is heavy. I am mindful of misfortune and tragedies that occur every day, here, there and across the globe. But, in my little corner of life, I have been unscrupulously shaken and it has altered me once again. This time I am a mother with children in elementary school. The blow to my faith in humanity has taken yet another hit, but it will not win. It can’t win. And just like that, after the horror comes the stories of triumph and heroism. The love and bravery shown in those minutes of complete evil will prevail and the love and beautiful memories of lives cut short will live on. May Newtown live on in our hearts as we all grapple with this tragedy and hope they find the strength to heal. I wish for them, what I honestly don’t know if I possess, the strength to recover from a fatal wound.


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