A Blog A Day Keeps The Blues Away….

No time to blog? That seems to be the case the last two days. I feel like the energizer bunny with no batteries. It’s not that I don’t want to slow down, I can’t. I have a list as long as my arm and never enough hours during the school day. I say school day because once my kids come home, it’s all about them. So, this leaves me with six precious hours to squeeze in my never ending to-do list. I decided to peel off the rubber gloves for just a minute and do what it is that I love to do, write. Even a blog a day keeps my blues away and I’m always happiest when my fingers are flying over the keyboard. But, reality sits in my peripheral vision until I can no longer take it and must close my laptop and get on with the business of the day. My resolution for the new year is to stick to my writing schedule and many more, one including that annoying muffin top that just won’t leave me alone. Have you thought about your New Year resolution? Do they ever work? For me, the answer is clear..NO.


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