Remembering Girls Nite…

I’m still trying to figure out when the activities and traditions of a girls nite out went from partying all night, to drinking wine until midnight to squeezing in a weeknight movie with a friend after carefully planning and plotting for weeks when the optimal time for the event can happen. After rushing to the movie theatre, my friend and I spent most of the previews talking a mile-a-minute to catch up on the happenings of the last few weeks. Unable to get together due to other obligations, my girls nite out has taken a major nose dive. I think this is the same for all the girls at different stages of life but, is it something we should ignore? Should we put these important female bonding hours on the back burner? Just like a husband and wife who need date night, is it a necessity to have girls nite? I think it is. I mean, essentially, we all have family obligations and overly booked schedules to endure. Year after year, the holidays seem to run into one another as if the calendar has been put on fast forward. But, we all need to slow down once and awhile. A girls nite with your gal pals fits the bill every so often and just like date nite, it should be a built-in requirement in your never-ending schedule. What do you think? I say YES!


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