Life Is Just A Memory

Thirteen years ago yesterday, my mother passed away very suddenly. I remember it well, with every detail as fresh in my mind as this morning’s breakfast. The heaviness of the grief that weighed my heart like a lead balloon has since passed. But, the memory is there. My daughter felt it was a sad day and told me she wanted to cry. It was then I realized something very important. I told my little girl, not remembering is what would really be sad. And so the memory of the day my life changed forever was no longer the focus. It was the good stuff I pulled out of the recess of my mind. The laughter and the expressions of a beautiful mother who always looked at me with adoring eyes no matter what emotion she was feeling. I am lucky. She left me with good memories of a childhood I often long for. When you think about it, isn’t that all life is? Just a series of memories from one day to the next. Living in the moment is really a truth because once it’s passed, it a memory. Treasure yours and keep them close because it’s all we’ll ever truly have. That being said, tomorrow will be a brighter day and I promise a fun, not so series blog. But since I am aware that others read my words, if you ever loose someone so close or have lost already, the memories can be painful especially this time of year. To feel that is to be a lucky human being. Because, if you didn’t? Oh what you’ve missed.


One Response to “Life Is Just A Memory”

  1. I also remember that day. Your loss was felt by everyone with you who cared so much about you. Your words are so true as I have been feeling my own mothers loss more this time of year. I also have realized lately that remembering the good times are what is important and I do feel lucky that I have those memories.


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