Well, here I am blogging again. I blog every morning because as a writer, they say you should blog. Creating a website and creating a blog is to create buzz? Amongst whom? Okay so, check and check. What they don’t tell you, these people with the neverending good intentional advice, is no one will read your blog. Maybe those few loyal and true friends and family members who offer you constant encouragement, but is anyone else reading it? Do people pick a blog, any blog and follow it? So, I try to approach this blog every morning from a journal standpoint. And an idea struck me. Since I’ve become an author, and my duties as a writer is to blog, blog, blog….then why not create a keepsake book out of the blogs for my children. A printed diary of my journey from obscure writer to unknown author (for now) 🙂 Because in the end, the most important people in the world, to me, will read my everyday, ordinary events. Think about that. Someday, my grandchildren and their children will read my ramblings. Wow. So for now, I will blog…blog…blog. 


2 Responses to “Blog….Blog…Blog”

  1. Hey.. I read your blog every day and I follow lots of blogs!! I love them.. 😀 I’d start my own if I could figure out how!! 🙂 keep on goin girlfriend!! Jes


    • I am so happy to find out someone I don’t know personally know enjoys my blog. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. And given the fact that you enjoy reading them, you’d probably be great at writing them as well. Take the shot. You never know.


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