Help Me, Help You!

Remember that famous line in the movie Jerry McGuire? That is my house during the holiday season. Come to think of it, that’s my house year round. You see, I have one of those husband’s who says “let me help you” and then proceeds to ask me to get up and get him the supplies needed to complete his task. Example: “I’ll hang that picture for you honey.” (a few minutes go by…) “hey hon, grab me the hammer and some nails, will ya?”   Do you have one of these? Most of my girlfriends do and we always commiserate on the sorry state of our husbands. Why? Because they tend to remind us how much they “help out” Ha! What’s that about? If my husband wasn’t so damn good to me and didn’t have a smile right out of a magazine, I might get a little more pissed off… How about you? Do you have one of these guys? This little scene will soon play out in one of my books. It’s just too funny not to. Have a great day! 🙂


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