I Love The Quiet

It’s that time between the first cup of coffee and sunrise that I love so much. As I sit in my quiet kitchen and sip my delectable java, I relish in the quiet. In less than thirty minutes my house will be filled with noise and so I write my blog now, while it’s quiet. I grew up amongst the noise of incessant chatter and racing cars engines, blaring sirens and airplanes flying overhead. The noise is barely noticeable but the quiet? That I notice. During my childhood, I had to actually seek out the quiet, making it one of those rare commodities worth finding. Nowadays, it can get too quiet. Both kids away at school and the house seems empty, sometimes sad. Don’t get me wrong, I keep very busy but I must have the news on or music blasting through the house in order to feel at home. How about you? Do you love the quiet but can’t function unless there is noise? Or the reverse? I guess the New York lives on in my daily life although I live in the Sunshine State. The quiet I can deal with, it’s the silence that has me spooked.


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