The End Is Near…

I am very nearly finished with book one in my new paranormal series, A Late Summer Bloom, Witches Of The Bayou. Surprisingly, this book was a labor of love. As this story unraveled, I thought my finish date would be closer to May or June. Not so. The story took a turn and the world in which I wrote became a bit more complex than I originally anticipated. Now that it is at the end, a few more chapters and edits to go, I am proud of this story. Although there are the supernatural elements and some shape shifting, I mimicked our human world and the problems in which we face as a society. Young witches, never knowing when they will discover their unique talents, wait patiently as life unfolds around them. Some succumb to the pressures of their peers, others are driven by pure jealously and one in particular, was raised to believe she was cursed rather than gifted. Sound familiar? This is a journey of self discovery with lots of romance along the way. So excited to finish and submit this work for consideration. I hope to have good news early next year. In the meantime, I am working on my second novella in my Off The Rack series, Georgie’s Dress and a few others. I am hoping for a busy 2013 with many books hitting the e-book world.


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