No One Wants A Girly Man

A visit to the dentist yesterday turned into a conversation worth having. Instead of the usual chatter about dentin and the importance of healthy gums (which is extremely important) we talked about the qualities that make a hero. My dentist himself had very good insight. He said all men should read romance novels if nothing more than to understand the female psyche. Thumbs up Dr. Al, I couldn’t agree more. Here’s the fun part. The question was then thrown out there about the characteristics of the hero from my stories. If you look past the physical, because each hero has to look different but, all look the same in most instances (ie: Rippling muscles, sparkling eyes, etc.) Each hero I write is an alpha. A strong man with leadership qualities. A man who knows what he wants when he wants it. A man who insists on certain things and makes damn sure he gets them. But, he also has a softer side. The side that is considerate and fair. He is polite and understanding but doesn’t compromise his beliefs. Most women, including myself, need a man who will bend in the rules department but not a woman I know likes a girly man, one who will whin and cower at the thought of her getting angry with him. Blah! We like a take charge guy with a self-confidence that makes you take notice. Am I right ladies? What do you think? Or for you guys who are reading my blog today, really reading it, not skimming it. What’s your opinion?


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