Just Keep Writing…Just Keep Writing

When life drags me down, when I get a little anxious over the latest book sale numbers or my lack of reviews for my debut novel, a famous line from NEMO, yes NEMO comes to mind. My son watched this movie over and over and usually when he has a hard time with something I sing the line from NEMO. Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming. Like the little train that couldn’t, that one little line means a lot in my world. I’ve had to ‘just keep swimming’ many, many times. If you stop to think about it, I’m sure you have too. Now this line has morphed into a mantra in head…Just keep writing. I sing it over and over when I get worried over book related issues. It works for me. How about you? Is there something you repeat over and over to calm your worries? As for me, I’ll ‘just keep writing.


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