I Dream Of Books

Ever have a dream that has left you feeling emotional? Could you remember every detail? Or did you forget it? I’ve had both but, last night I dreamt of a book I should write. The story was fresh and the characters were loveable and hot. Their chemistry was delicious and you wanted more. My mind was made up. I would write their story. In my very own dream, I convinced myself to pay attention. They wanted their story to be told. So, I paid attention. When I woke up, I would write down the overall plot and characters. Here’s the problem, when I woke up I couldn’t remember the details. How disappointing! I can recall the hero and the heroine but not the plot. I am hoping it all rushes back to me at some point. I hope these characters are persistent and don’t leave me alone. I liked them and I know readers would like them too. How about you? Has this ever happened to you? Did a dream come back to you in your waking hours?


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