Read A Little, Love A Little

Okay ladies. When I read that book that makes my insides churn I reevaluate my relationship. Yes. Every time. Now I know real life duos are not even close to the fictional one authors create but there are a few qualities we require our men to have. For me, a biggie is consideration. In my house, that’s huge. My husband often lacks the little things in which I find consideration to be made up of. Such as, not leaving your sneakers in the middle of the floor or leaving every drawer in the house open. Dumping ones shoes out after I just cleaned and not rinsing a dish to put in the dishwasher. Hey, little right? No big deal. But, the big things, the ones that really count? Now that he’s got down. When I am not feeling well and have to lie down, my husband picks up the slack. If I am in the middle of writing and can’t take a break, my husband picks up the slack. I could call my husband in the middle of his busiest afternoon while he is juggling eight things and running here and there and he would stop everything to listen to me, coming home if necessary. That’s a good guy. So ladies, when you read that book, the one with the hero who has bulging biceps and sparkling eyes, ask yourself who he reminds you of? Often the hero’s in my novels have a trace of my guy’s personality, with all the humor and kindness that is uniquely Keith. So, when you read the next romance, look past the physical description. You will find the same characteristics that make the hero a great guy. And if you’re lucky, you have one in your life right now. I know I do.


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