You Want Me To Do What?

When I was younger, I would cringe watching my mother stick her hands up a turkey’s ass and pull out the insides. Yuk! The thought was enough to make me want to yak. But here I am, 2012 and I will be elbow deep in the giblet arena. Why? It’s Thanksgiving and every year we must eat turkey.  Is it a written law that if we don’t make turkey the feds will swoop in and de-bird us for good? Now I know there are a lot of people who don’t eat turkey. Hell, there are a lot of people who don’t eat meat and that’s more than okay. But, I’m a girl who likes tradition and the past always crosses with the present. Tradition is my way of holding on to what little of my past is left. And although I don’t relish the idea of cleaning the Thanksgiving Turkey, I’m happy to do it. I know somewhere between heaven and the earthly realm, my mother is having a good laugh watching me attempt to clean a 24lb bird with my eyes closed. That said, have a lovely Thanksgiving all. Be thankful and love your life because it’s yours and no one else will.  


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