The Best Things In Life Are Free?

They sure are. For instance, a kiss goodbye from your husband of fifteen years as he goes off to work. A hug from your sleepy-eyed little boy who tells you about his dreams the night before. Or, your little girl saying good morning as she mindlessly helps herself to a cup of coffee. (All the while resembling me.) There is my dog, Bailey, who runs from window to window every morning watching the squirrels gather. (discussing her antics no doubt) And as I look around my home, messy as it is, I am thankful for the little things. Without them, where would I be? Who would I be? Maybe it’s the latest gadgets that make you happy or the nice car you drive to work everyday. Possibly the ring you slip on your finger or the clothes you put on your back. Whatever it is, remember to be thankful for the little thing that gets you those bigger things. I know I am, are you?


One Response to “The Best Things In Life Are Free?”

  1. A simple, yet precise post. Wonderful 🙂


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