Calling All Hot Ken Dolls…

As the final edits were turned in for Follow That Dress, I took some time out of my busy schedule to get some holiday shopping done. As I meandered my way through the aisle’s of freshly stocked toys for this holiday season, I happily piled my wagon chock full of goodies. My clever self had my little children browse through the toy book that had come in the mail this past Sunday checking off some items they wanted to see under the tree this year. (Still provided by the Chanukah fairy and Santa Claus of course) Anyway, my daughter, who could build a city for her Barbie collection, checked off male Barbies. (Okay, so I will not mention what kind. But they were made in the likeness of a popular boy band.) I greedily searched for the exact two she marked and wala…two more gifts down. As I sipped my pumpkin latte, (fuel bestowed upon me from one of my best girlfriends) I stared at the ken dolls. This is where it gets weird. They were horribly designed and looked like my old boyfriends from the nineties. Blah! Could I buy my daughter a male doll I couldn’t stomach? This needed to be talked out. I searched for my friend in electronics (whose kids are my age but prefer lava lamps and bean bags chairs. go figure. she wanted mine. I wanted hers.) Anyway, my levelheaded friend said, “You are buying the doll for your daughter. It is what she picked. It’s not based on the dolls hotness. Ahh Damn! She was right. In the wagon they went. Until that one last look. Both those dolls sit on a shelf somewhere between the legos and the electronics. I caved. And my friend? In the end, she agreed. Why can’t they make a doll that looks half way decent? All the Barbie’s look great. Too great, if you ask me. Have I inadvertently discovered sexual inequality amongst the dolls of our little girls future? What do you think?  


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