Is Visiting A Historic Place Just For Nerds?

Have you ever wanted to visit a place steeped in history? Or is that just for us nerds. Growing up in New York, places such as this were everywhere. But, I traveled to….Acapulco or Cancun or you guessed it, Florida. To me, anywhere with a palm tree was the best ticket in town. Now, I’m surrounded with them. However, as far back as I can remember, I felt a pull toward such places as New Orleans and its beautiful bayou. And since my days of summer break were over, I packed up the family and made the trip. It was the summer of the great oil spill, but I was not disappointed. Okay, so it was a little like Hell’s Kitchen in swamp weather but hey, who decides to go in mid-summer with two kids in tow? That said, we made the best of it and the result was fascinating. My favorite part was staying at Oak Alley Plantation forty minutes outside New Orleans. This place was amazing and when I walked the grounds I swore I heard the faint whispers of the past. My experience in the Louisiana Bayou can be found amongst the pages of my new novel. This paranormal romance is the first in a series and if you like the south, as I, then you will love the grandeur of my tale. The next place on my, to visit list, is the city of Savannah. Do you have a special place that calls out to you? If so, where is it?


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