The Reemergence Of The Muffin Top

I am writing today with a heavy heart. This morning at approximately 6:24am I discovered the reemergence of my old muffin top. You know the one that comes back to remind you that ate too much junk the last few weeks? Yeah. That’s the one. And the nerve of my muffin top to show her ugly roll just when I’m about to stock my freezer with Thanksgiving sweetbreads, Chanukah chocolate and Christmas cookies. Damn! Now I must diet. As a writer I find I like to give my character a bit of meat around the middle or a pair of not so perfect thighs. Sometimes I mention this other times I don’t (let’s face it…extra rolls are a reality but far from sexy) As I write I picture my heroine and she is always a REAL girl. That means she has flaws, like us. Because characters with flaws are the best kind to write. There’s always a hornets nest of insecurities to explore. So, the point of this blog today is to embrace your flaws and love who you are. Even the muffin top that comes back to visit once and awhile. Can you? Or is there something so troubling about you that no matter what you do, you can’t embrace it? Don’t be shy, I’d love to know.


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