Where Does The Time Go?

Waking up this morning and realizing Thanksgiving is two weeks away has me in a panic. Of course everything I wanted to have done, is not nearly finished. Holiday’s used to be a fun time of year but the stress can truly dampen my spirit. I find it difficult to navigate through the holiday funk of melancholy and joy. These emotions have most of us on a see-saw from Halloween through the new year.  But this year I plan on slowing down and enjoying the little things. I think the holidays have snuck up on me every year since leaving my home in New York. I live in the sunshine state and getting used to warm weather around this time of year can sometimes take me by surprise. What if anything do you do to get your family ready for ‘home for the holidays’? 


4 Responses to “Where Does The Time Go?”

  1. Growing up in the midwest we would try to pick a day mild enough to string lights outside the house. Let me clarify…by saying “we” I really mean “me.” My husband seems to have a severe allergic reaction to holiday decorating of any kind.

    One cold day after connecting string after string, cord after cord and freezing my nubs (fingers) to the bone…the lights failed to shine. Too mad (and exhausted) to undo each string from the branches, I cut them all down with scissors and sulked! Of course I unplugged the extension cords first.

    All is better now that I moved south. Husband still seems to break out in sweats at the mention of “stringing the Christmas tree or getting boxes out of the garage,” but luckily for me it’s warm outside!

    Have to LOVE the holidays. MerryThanksgivaWeen!


  2. Sorry to hear he has it as well. Sittinonmyassin is nothing to screw with. I heard if one tiny finger is lifted, the whole damn hand falls off. Terrible disease.


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