Should Authors Take Responsibility For What They Write?

The category of Erotic Romance is chock full graphic details. They are explicit in nature and can contain a ton of…hmm..written pornography? Yeah. It’s porn and it’s sprinkled throughout some of these fabulous, well written and thought out story lines. Some are better than others, but the sex scenes are ever present and verbally descriptive leaving nothing to the imagination. That is what a reader wants and often times, it is what the publisher requests. That being said, here is my question. Should the author of these books issue something other than the standard ‘not suited for persons under age 18’ statement? And if so, what should it be? There is no possible way to know if a book has fallen into the hands of a young, impressionable woman. Personally, I think there are many young women who can out think me regarding sex scenes but that’s not really the point. I remember that age very well. It wasn’t that long ago when I was thinking like an inconsistent, fantasy driven hormonal female and the results were not always good. Do writers owe it to their readership to be reminded that not everything in life is a series of love affairs that always seem to work out for the heroine? In my feeble attempt, I added a page to my website for such a purpose. It is my letter to readers, called From Me To You. What do you think? I would love to here from authors and readers alike on this subject.





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