Does Crying Help?

Does crying help you? I very rarely cry out of sheer frustration but this weekend? OMG! After a run in with an uncooperative editing program and hours of wasted work, I was at my wits end. I found myself in tears when I learned I could not recover my document and then the problem reoccured the very next evening as I lost more of my edits and precious time. It all began with my intention of returning my novella, Follow That Dress to my editor early this week. When a computer glitch had me reeling I swore it would not happen again. I chalked it up and started fresh. What happened? You guessed it! Now I am at the starting gate yet again. Frustrated? You bet! It seems like every keystroke has some sort of harrowing result that takes me hours to undo. Argh!!! So? Does crying help you? For me it releases some of the stress as to avoid a broken computer, exploding verbal assaults on anything in my path and eating brownies at midnight. How about you?


One Response to “Does Crying Help?”

  1. i like to wear a safety helmet to make sure im not in your wrath lol


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