Story with no ending? What would you do?

When I read the blurb of a book and it hooks me, I want to hunker down and get lost in the world of my choosing. Nowadays, with the abundance of e-books, the novella is making a comeback. These short stories can be anywhere from fifteen thousand words and up. (fifty pages or so….) I have often been asked about my preference of the novella to the novel. This has me intrigued and I would love to hear your opinion as to your preference but in the meantime, here’s mine. If the novella wraps up the given storyline in a neat little package, I would not shy away from a novella. I do not like a novella that continues in parts. In my opinion, it is the author’s way of putting out chapters instead of a full novel. I would not buy that type of novel. For instance, and without naming author or title, I read an interesting novella. I was utterly disappointed when I came to the end and realized it would continue. It did not follow a secondary character or object. It ended abruptly and left you wondering. It served its purpose but to me it left me cold. Why pay for a few chapters when I could buy a novel? This author could drag out the storyline and you wind up investing in who knows how many novella’s before you get to the end. that said, I prefer a novel.



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