The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The weather outside is frightful, but staying home today is delightful. Especially when it is so unexpected. So, the wind and the rain will kleep my children  home from school and indoors and I will do all the little things that need to get done. Mostly, I need to finish my paranormal erotic romance, Strange Magic. That is on my agenda today. Between cleaning, occupying the kids and writing, my day will be full. Now, throw in some 50 mph winds at sunset and who knows what will happen? I will get my candles ready and my flashlights loaded up for the unexpected. What kind of storms throw a wrench into your life every so often? Is it a hurricane? Tornado? Earthquake? Blizzzzzard??? Dust storm perhaps? (That’s for my one and only blogger who replies to my everyday rants. And I love it! She is quite funny too, read her replies.) And what is the one storm that would stop you from moving to a particular place? Mine would be…..hmmmm….A blizard. Not the New York kind, the real deal. I don’t think I could be happy wearing so many layers.        


2 Responses to “The Weather Outside Is Frightful”

  1. Gina Egiziano-Calixto Says:

    Yup here I am! Ok we get monsoons on top of the dust storms! They suck!!! I don’t think that I would go anywhere cold and wet ever again. You see we have great weather here in AZ. At least 333 days of the year is sunny no matter which season we are in…and when it does rain it usually rains during the night and done by morning for another sunny day. We had only 2 seasons here..Summer and Winter!! I do miss the Spring and Fall..we go from hot to cold. We are now just starting to cool off…I’m still in a tank top. I do not own a coat…in the winter we just need a jacket nothing to heavy…not like when we were growing up! My kids have no idea what cold really is…as a matter of fact my 2 younger ones have never seen snow before! I can drive 2 hrs up north and see all the seasons but I hate the snow soooo much and I don’t even think I remember how to drive in the snow any more. I’m going to have to put on my big girl ” long johns” and take them this year. Talk again soon ❤


  2. I myself, almost moved to Scottsdale so I know how absolutley beautiful it is in Arizona. When we chose Florida, it was to be closer to New York and far enough from the winter. We did have fun in the snow storms and jumping in that big ole pile of leaves every fall though, didn’t we? Makes me wonder what the hell was mixed in with those leaves. I can’t believe our mothers let us do that! lmao.


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