Who Rules Your House?

It’s a sad fact but…in my house? I don’t rule. My husband doesn’t rule. My children don’t rule and my dog Bailey (although she thinks she does) does not rule. Who then? Not who, what! My answer is… hormones rule. They control our moods, our personality, our tolerance, and our body. We are all slaves to our hormones. What brought this on? I’m glad you wondered….How about the third hormone headache this week? It signals that one week in the month (you know the one ladies) that leading up to, during and after that you are a raving lunatic. That is the week I am having. And I know we’ve all had them. Quite frankly, although it is many years away, I’m looking foward to menopause. Really? Me…I don’t care about age as long as I keep doing (somewhat gracefully I hope.) How about you? Are you done with the kid thing? Do you care about age? Are you one of those women who don’t tell how old they are? Don’t be shy. I want to know. Have a great day. 


2 Responses to “Who Rules Your House?”

  1. Gina Egiziano-Calixto Says:

    Ok I’m in the same week…and today was the day my head was on ice. However I am over and done with the kid thing and I am proud to say that I’m 44. A little over a year ago I had that STOP FLOW procedure done and it works great however the headaches, cramps and lower back pain in always a reminder that it’s that lovely week…So I agree..I’m looking forward to my 50’s!!! Hang in there just a few more days.

    P.S. Am I the only one blogging with you? If so..No worries I like checking in. More will join soon. Good Night!


  2. Yes. You are my one and only follower so far. I have been blogging straight now for two weeks. If you write it they will come? I sure hope so.


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