Time to regroup…

Hello Friends,

I received a wonderful e-mail from Liquid Silver Books. My book release date is set for January 21,2013. So excited. My new Novella, Follow That Dress is a funny, lighthearted quick read sprinkled with lots of hot sex scenes inside. I describe it as, Cinderella meets Pretty woman.

In other news, I received a review for my debut novel, Ache of Desire, which I will post right here on my website. (’cause it’s a good one) The last comment was, when does the next one come out? I think that’s a good sign.

I will be a slave to comcast today since I am at the mercy of the cable guy. (No! It’s not a new book.) My cable is down and I have that gaping window of arrival time. Now I must dust. Tell me, how does a house get so dusty? Damn if I know. It’s everywhere and it’s just freaking annoying! And how about those tumbleweeds of hair that roll across the floor? Anybody? Yeah, you guessed it. I’m slightly moody.  Time to take a breath and regroup….. Have a wonderful day. 🙂  


2 Responses to “Time to regroup…”

  1. Gina Egiziano-Calixto Says:

    Ok breath…it’s just dust! You need to try living in AZ where the dust rings the doorbell to come in…not kidding every time the door opens you can see it come in…so here I have 2 boys that are always running in and out and 3 dogs going though the doggie door…LETS TALK DUST…UGH!!!!

    I can’t wait to read about the trash mouth chick from Flushing…I hope she wasn’t based on me…LOL!! Really that would have to be a movie…LOL! Blog soon!


  2. That’s really funny Gina! At least I’m over the dust hill…for today. Ha! Follow That Dress will be realeased on January 21st. It’ a great story.


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