The Day After

Dear friends,

I have a book sales hangover. It seems that my publisher has a great tool for its authors. You can literally track your sales at any given minute. Uh–hellol! I couldn’t stop my fingers from typing that darn address every hour of the day. I promised myself I would’nt. But, I could’nt. I promised myself I would focus on other things, but I didn’t. I was like a kid with a crisp twenty set loose in her favorite candy store. I wasn’t disappointed by any stretch of the imagination. This is my debut novel and the amount of sales I made in the first day certainly gives me hope. Time will march on and more readers will fall into my Circle of Six world. I will do my best to keep them there. There are many great stories ahead. Three new series and it doesn’t end there. So!  Today will be different. Today I will ignore the information.  Today, I will work on other things without book sales tracking. Do you think I can do it? Check back tomorrow and I’ll let you know if I was able to stay away.

With Gratitude,




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