Release Day!

Hello Friends,

     Today is the day Ache of Desire is officially on sale.  I am happy and excited to share this story with you. I am hoping to receive reviews and encouragement from readers and reviewers alike. I am still finding my way through the muck of marcketing and technology. There is twitter, Linkedin and facebook. There is pinterest and blogging and author websites. There are review sites and readers forums and writers forums.  For me, this is like making my way through the dark scary forest hoping to come out into the sunlight somewhat unscathed. Before I traded my day job for diapers and bottles, crayons and cartoons I was considered savvy in my quest for technology. I am sorry to say the fascinating world of hand held devices and computer technology has passed me by  like a go-cart on a racetrack. But I am trying. I will improve. I promise.  Since you are here and reading this entry I will share a secret with you. I still have a flip phone. There! It’s out-Ugh! I know! I know! I will be trading it in for the I phone next month (another contraption in which I will have to learn to master.) Have a wonderful day.

 With Gratitude,



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