What this new Author has learned about the e-publishing biz

Ache of Desire is now available for pre-order.  I am quite excited to join the ranks of e-publishing. As a new author, I must admit, my first thoughts of going the e-publishing route had me convinced that there would be a greater chance my manuscript would be accepted.

I was correct and I was wrong. I was correct in my assumption that e-publishers do have the ability to take a chance on a new author that traditional publishers might have passed on.  I was wrong in assuming the path would be much easier.

For me, I must admit, the opportunity came easily with my first manuscript. But for others, it can be an uphill never ending process. When I embarked on this journey I was blessed to converse with outstanding authors who gave me invaluable advice. I soaked up the wisdom of the professionals who made my work even better. I realized they had no stake whatsoever in the outcome of this work as they wished me luck placing it elsewhere.

When I revamped my manuscript and sent it into Siren Publishing, my acceptance came four weeks to the day of submission. I was overjoyed to say the least. Not only do they have a loyal fan base but from what I had been told, Siren Publishing offered amazing editors, cover artists, and everything I needed to get a wonderful start in the e-publishing world. After a few weeks, I concur with all those authors who congratulated me on my success.

I say success because the road to publication is not an easy one. I was lucky this first time around. I’m hoping Siren will continue to consider my work and for me, a writing career is on the horizon.


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